Chapter 27.     Love Never Fails

The next day, Juan met a strange little solicitor in the city, who had read about him in the papers. He said that he had been hoping to find a way to locate him, because he wanted to represent him pro bono in his efforts to get Sean back. The man was a maverick in the legal fraternity, but his support was just what Juan needed. He worked feverishly on the case, gathering material, and making personal representations to DOCS, until he had them convinced that, if they did not hand the boy over, they would have hell to pay for having taken him in the first place. By the time Diane's sentence was up, Juan had Sean back in his care, and the group was safely settled in another flat not far from the one they had moved out of.

"Most of life is somewhere between a tragedy and a romance," said Dave at the first Wednesday night meeting in their new digs. "As Christians, we must learn not to be fooled by either. When things are going well, we know that they can change at any time. Our confidence is not in circumstances. And when everything appears to be hopeless, there is always a silver lining somewhere."

And that is about when Cherry came in carrying a huge tray full of hot pizza. "Here you are!"

she said, looking at Diane. "A welcome home party compliments of… guess who?"

"No, you didn't!" said Diane, putting her hand to her mouth.

"Yep! I had to do it for you, and to get one back on Buy-Rite!" said Greg, showing his missing tooth through a huge grin. "Did it all by meself this morning, without Ganley even spotting me."

"It's a welcome back party for Diane and Sean both," said Dave. "Whadya reckon, Sean? Are you glad to be back?"

"Yep!" said Sean, who was already tucking into the biggest piece of pizza on the tray.

"But just remember that it could all change tomorrow," said Dave. "All of us need to be prepared to face our cross at any time. The Bible says that those who think everything is going well should take heed, lest they fall."

*  *  *


The word "Eternity" started appearing all over Sydney footpaths shortly after Nanna's death, and the media took notice once again. But along with the word Eternity another word was being chalked almost as often, in the same distinctive copperplate style of Arthur Stace. It was the word "Love", and it was being written by a man who had been affected as deeply by recognition of his need to love his enemies as Arthur Stace had been affected by the concept of Eternity.

As for Ganley Toogood, he ended up divorcing his wife and running off with Barbara. But she diddled him too, in the end. He now sells used cars in Parramatta, and Barbara is running her own business in North Sydney.

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